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Website DesignerReady to Get Serious About Online Marketing in 2015?

Are you in need of a dependable and affordable website design service, hosting service, search engine optimization specialist, social media manager or website maintenance service? For more than 17 years, Moore Designs has been creating and maintaining exceptional websites for small businesses.

Moore Designs has designed, maintained, promoted and hosted hundreds of websites throughout this time, and many of our clients from our “early days” are still with us. We pride ourselves on being both available and accountable to our clients, and work diligently to create websites they can be proud of, and which bring results.

Our Online Marketing Services Include:

Website Development ServicesWhen it comes to website design and online marketing, our staff are both knowledgeable and experienced. We constantly upgrade our skills and know-how to remain on the cutting edge of Internet marketing. No matter what new algorithm or update Google releases, our clients are prepared for success.

Unlike many website designers who can offer only the design and layout of a website, Moore Designs offers a full range of Internet services. Our all-in-one packages include:

Whether you are in need of a brand new website, help with your existing website, assistance in getting more traffic and moving higher on the search engines, or a website redesign and makeover, we are here to help!

Please feel free to call Moore Designs at (403) 450-7109 or toll free outside of the Calgary area at 1 (888) 642-6390. You may also contact us by email, or request a complimentary website evaluation. We will be happy to speak with you and give you some good ideas on how to make your website great.

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